Saturday, July 15, 2006

2D reading group

I have updated my two-dimensional semantics reading group page. I have added a few articles from the new Garcia-Carpintero & Macia book and organized the rest a bit. If this group ever actualizes (there is just too much going on here right now with the modal logic group and the Fodor/concepts group) I will post our discoveries. The page may be of some use to those trying to round up the literature on 2D (although there is really nothing here one can't already find on Chalmers' site this is narrowed down to very specific issues). If there are any glaring omissions please let me know.

I am carefully making my way through Davies' "Reference, Contingency and the Two-Dimensional Framework". The logic of "actually" is much more thorny than I thought (the earlier post is evidence of my recent confusions).

Unrelated interesting problem: How many people do you need at a party to guarantee the existence of either k mutual stangers or k mutual friends? outline of a solution here

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