Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What's your name?

A: What's your name?
B: My name is Fred.
A: What is Fred?
B: It is my name.
A: I know, but which name is it?
B: My name is Fred!
A: Alright, how do you spell Fred?
B: F-R-E-D
A: Oh, so Fred is 'Fred'.
B: Well, I 'm Fred.
A: It depends on which Fred you are talking about. If your name is Fred, then you are not Fred.
B: What? I am only talking about one Fred. Fred is my name. I am Fred.
A: Wait Fred, you are not a name! Your name is Fred, so you are not Fred. But since Fred is 'Fred', you are Fred. There are two Freds: one is your name and one is you. Your name is Fred and Fred is 'Fred' and 'Fred' is your name. Do you see what I'm saying Fred?
B: Umm...

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