Monday, December 06, 2010

some links

* Landon has a new website and a redesigned weblog. And he just had a new paper come out in the Journal of Graph Theory.

* Wo is back at ANU and has an interesting new post on
quantum mechanics and relativistic semantics.

* I visited NYU this (northern) fall and attended
Barker & Pryor's linguists course (What Philosophers and Linguists Can Learn From Theoretical Computer Science But Didn't Know To Ask). The very detailed and interesting lecture notes are online here.

* I recently gave a presentation on Kripke's "A puzzle about belief" for Graeme
Forbes' course on Fregean models of compositionality. The handout is available here.

* Graham Priest in the New York Times ("The Stone") has a piece on
Paradoxical Truth.

* I like the thesis that names are predicates and have given a talk on it (see the weird pre-beamer slides
here). I have also played around with the thesis on this blog, e.g. "Are proper names general terms?" and "Names or what?". In a new paper Delia Graff Fara defends the view in detail. I am looking forward to the responses.

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